Das RewinsideServerSupport Addon ist eine inoffizielle Modifikation für den Server und ist nur mit LabyMod kompatibel.
Die Mod basiert auf Wünschen von Nutzern und eigenen Ideen,
um euch den maximalen möglichen Spielspaß mit dieser Modifikation zu gewährleisten und auf eure Wünsche anzupassen.

Beim herunterladen des RewinsideServerSupport Addons,
akzeptieren Sie automatisch unsere Datenschutzbestimmungen!



+ The GameId Link will be copied in your clipboard (/gameid - /g)
+ With *toggle private_chat or *toggle clan_chat you can show/hide the private or clan chat
+ DiscordRichPresence (maybe a little bit buggy)
# The Replay Date will be displayed correctly now in your ReplayHistory
# Bugfixes


+ SettingsGui
+ Editable Browser Background
+ Rolf (Guide)
+ Gold-/Iron Timer
+ Show Party List (Settings)
# Info Message
# Saving GameType for Replay History
# AutoReconnect
# Server connect attemps
# Show the Chatloglink when a new Chatlog was created


+ Discord Verification
+ Ingame-Tags (Friend and upwards)
+ GlobalChat [Only for verified users]
+ Browser (Clan, Party, GlobalChat [Only for verified users])
+ ClanWar Gui (Ingame)
+ Replay Message after finishing a round (If you click on it, you will directly get teleported to the replay server)
+ Help Command (Displays all available commands)
+ Setting for the StatisticsGui (Fade)
+ PixelGliders Statistics
+ TryJump Statistics
+ Nick Module
+ Coins Module
+ Cooperation with the MESA
# Broadcast Messages
# StatsGui Design
# You can select more than one word you want to delete (AutoChatlog Words)
# Edited command prefix -> now *
# Replay History (Date, GameLog, Replay)
# Hide Scoreboard when pressing Tab
# Internal changes
# Some bug fixes


+ Fixed NewsGui
# Some bug fixes


+ Added ReportGUI confirm button
+ Team Cosmetic
# Internal Stuff
# Some bug fixes


# Internal Stuff
# Some bug fixes


+ Edit Button for replacements
+ Edit Button for every Gui
+ Show an info if the text fields aren't filled at all or are filled wrong (Bug, Idea)
+ Added TeamSupport for SkyWars
# Can switch the text boxes with TAB or ENTER (Idea, Bug)


+ Replacements
+ Settings for the scoreboard
+ Added BridgeBuilders Support
+ Added Friend Settings (Online/Offline)
+ Internal Stuff
# Fixed Partylist
# Party-Tags are hidden in the lobby


+ Added Auto-Updater
+ Added Auto-Updater
+ Added Discord Bridge
+ Added Report-Gui
+ Internal changes
# Fixed Statistics with WebAPI
# Fixed Scoreboard bug


+ Statistics
+ Server-News GUI
+ AutoChatlog
+ Blockwords
+ JoinMessage
+ Replay History
+ Game Status
+ AutoGG

+ Party Notifications
· Invite
· Delete
· Kick
· Leave
· Join

+ Violations for the Chatlogs
· Simple
· Normal
· Middle
· Hard

+ Hide Scoreboard when the playerlist is shown
+ See a Party Tag about every party member
+ Shows an achievement when a friend comes online or went offline on rewinside
+ Added features for the next update with support for fcw
+ Internal bug fixes and preparation for the next updates
+ Broadcast function
# Replaylinks are clickable now