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imarustudios is an association of friends consisting of experienced developers, creative designers and organized project managers. we are all about realizing unprecedented projects from idea to implementation. take a look around our website, you will definitely find what you are looking for!


reyfm discord-bot

you and your friends like to play a few rounds together, but the right music is missing on your Discord? Then add the REYFM ® Discord bot to your server now!

teamspeak music-bots

you need a musicbot for your teamspeak server? then you can create a free musicbot via imarustudios. you just have to register and you can create a bot directly!

rewinside-server-support (outdated)

rewinside-server-support addon is an unofficial modification for server and is compatible with labyMod only. The mod is based on requests from users and own ideas, to ensure you the maximum possible fun with this modification and adapt it to your wishes.